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"Community organizing is all about building grassroots support. It’s about identifying the people around you with whom you can create a common, passionate cause. And it’s about ignoring the conventional wisdom of company politics."

  - Tom Peters


“More than ever we need strong leadership, to fight for our families, for small businesses, for safe streets. I’ve been very impressed by Leslie’s work on the Community Board and by her understanding of what our district really needs. Leslie is a fighter. We need Leslie.” 

  - JD Nolan, Past Community Board 4 Chairperson

"I am supporting Leslie Boghosian Murphy because she is the best person to represent City Council District #3. I have seen her in action in our neighborhood, on Community Board 4 and various civic groups over the past several years. She is hard-working, energetic and committed to finding and developing community-based solutions to any issues we face. I was particularly impressed by her work to bring shore power to the cruise ships that dock on the West Side. This means they won't have to run their diesel engines as much and so won't be polluting the air we share."

 - Christine Gorman, President, West 55th St. Block Association

Leslie represents change, commitment and growth in all aspects of leadership.

She is District 3's voice - a launcher of movements for our children's education. I support Leslie Boghosian Murphy for City Council to improve our education

system and to ensure funds are allocated accordingly to strengthen our community!

 - Phyre Stenbar, Chelsea Resident & PS33 PTA Board Member 

"New York is suffering from issues including the massive increase of local business closures, lack of affordable housing and a spike in crime. Before one can fight, they must have an understanding of the issues. I believe there is only one person in this race who demonstrates an understanding of these complex and nuanced issues. I support Leslie Boghosian Murphy for City Council and am ranking her #1."

  - Owen Sweeney, Former Assistant Vice President, Breaking Ground Supportive Homeless Services and District Resident

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Leslie recognizes the difficult time our local shops are going through and came along and said 'What can we do? How can I help?' She is rolling up her sleeves and that's what we need right now. Leslie cares about small businesses like ours and is the right person to help get us back on the road to recovery. If you support small business, vote for Leslie.

 - Christina Clark, 30-Year Chelsea Business Owner, Kidding Around

"Leslie is not a politician. She is a smart, passionate woman who cares about re-establishing and protecting the quality of life and safety for our neighborhood. She is not afraid to fight for the important issues and help renew the growth of our small business so vital to the health of our city. I support her in the race for NY City Council."

  - Mario Messina, 29th St. Neighborhood Association President

We need new leadership, as recent events have underlined the weaknesses in the old guard. We need sophisticated leadership, because the challenges facing New York City are complex and need nuanced, fiscally sensible solutions. And we need a city councilor who actually gets things done. Leslie is the only person running for City Council District 3 who brings all this to the table: she is new to politics, she offers creative ideas, she understands the importance of small businesses in our district, she knows how to navigate complex issues, and she has an outstanding track record of getting things done in a city famous for its red tape. As a gay man who's lived in the District for 17 years, Leslie Boghosian Murphy has my full support. 

  - John Challice, W. 38th St. Block Association

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We need Leslie because she cares about small business and speaking up and out about hate crimes. Leslie checked in with me on a weekly basis throughout the pandemic to see how everything was and what my thoughts are on our struggles. I felt seen and heard. Thank you Leslie! 

 - Paul Gealone, Amy's Bread

As we emerge from the pandemic, our district will need a strong leader - someone with vision, a sense of reality and guts. We need a councilmember that listens to the community and amplifies that voice.  Leslie Boghosian Murphy is reaching out across the district to hear our needs and is ready to deliver.

  - Delores Rubin, Former Community Board 4 Chairperson

"Leslie has been a strong advocate for her community for years. I quickly became aware of Leslie's work on CB4, from advocating for small businesses to taking a bill stance and advocating for tenants during the Hudson Yards development, Leslie has been on the right side of the issues and has put the community first in her fights. Her career has been about bringing truth to power, not working through its ranks. That's a rare quality in a candidate. Her ideas are her own, her passion is for the people. A dogged and courageous journalist and independent, experienced community advocate is exactly what we need in the council right now"

 - Dodge Landsman, Former Community Board 2 Member, West Village


"I have seen first hand Leslie's dedication to the community, commitment to our children and deep compassion for the marginalized.  I believe she will be a true advocate for District 3!"

  - Christina Rhee, P.S. 212 PTA Board Member

My biggest concerns about District 3 are the drastic loss of small businesses and the rise in crime--including hate crime--in our formerly safe neighborhoods. We need to address those two things as well as the other complicated issues that challenge NYC's full recovery. Leslie Boghosian Murphy is the only candidate who has the credibility, the experience, the fighting spirit, and the track-record of achievement to get this done.  She is my #1 rank choice for City Council.

  - Brian Paylago, W. 38th St. Block Association

"Leslie is fully present when she’s talking to you. I don’t pretend to have a strong grasp of the policy differences between the candidates, but [she] will look right in your face when you’re talking and will hang on your every word. It’s nice."

  - Brian Donovan, President, High Line 28 Block Association

"Leslie is a powerhouse. Since meeting her in 2017, Leslie has fought hard for our district. Her ambition, leadership and goodness are crucial traits needed during a time like this and I know she will continue to fight for us no matter the outcome."

  - Joy Del Valle, Community Volunteer and West Village Resident

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