Leslie Boghosian Murphy headshot. Leslie is blonde and wearing a pink blazer.
Leslie Boghosian Murphy wearing a light pink blazer and crossing her arms in front of a billboard which reads "Women are New York's Strongest"


Our community deserves a strong and unifying voice.

Leslie Boghosian Murphy is deeply committed to the betterment of Manhattan's west side and furthering the interests of our residents and businesses.


Leslie will work hard on community building strategies to promote healthy, balanced, mixed-income neighborhoods and to serve in the best interests of all people in District 3, not just select groups. 


Hell's Kitchen, Chelsea & the West Village are the most diverse and welcoming neighborhoods in the city. We need forward thinking and a "get it done" mindset to keep our district the clean, safe, vibrant community we all love. 

We're in it together!


See how Leslie brought more teachers to

PS33, PS51 & PS111 for remote learning.

See how Leslie is helping our local businesses to get them on ShopIN.NYC, an e-commerce platform for one stop shopping and same day delivery for neighborhood stores.

To see more of what Leslie is doing in the district, click here.

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